2017 Rama: Shuckathalon

Oyster Sports Competition

Sold Out

Six years in, and this is STILL the world's only oyster sports competition... which pretty much makes Rama champions WORLD CHAMPIONS.

Who will win this year, the Shuckleheads or Shuck Shuck Goose??

This team entry gets 5 people into the event, and at least three of you need to participate in the race. Unless you're Shuck Norris. In that case you can compete solo. 

We'll follow up with more info after you sign up. Here's some essential info to tide you over until then: 

The Shuckathalon is a relay race, so you've got to rope your friends into joining your team. Find more info about the race, and photos of previous years, here

The race starts at 2 pm on the day of the Rama, and there will be a safety briefing and orientation at 1:30. This is a pretty physical event... it involves running over uneven surfaces, bending, digging, and lifting a bushel basket of oysters. Teams should be sure to wear knee boots and bring gardening-type gloves. 

Shuckathalon team entry is non-refundable, and feel better about that knowing that Rama proceeds benefit multiple Hood Canal-area charities, including the Hood Canal Education Foundation. More Rama info here.

Map and Directions

map graphic of the Puget Sound. View in Google Maps