Visit the Farm

Our store and saloon are located a shell’s-throw from the tideflats, and a visit to the farm is the best way to experience Hama Hama oysters in their native habitat. Come during the week to see the shucking crew in action, and ask for one of our self guided tour maps to better explore the farm.

In Seattle and want to experience a little Hama Hama? Please stop by our farmers market booths. If you're a chef who wants to come visit to learn more about our products, please email us. Wanna come for a party? Find info about our special events here.


Farm Address
35846 N US Hwy 101
Lilliwaup WA 98555

Farm Store Hours
Daily 9:30 to 5:30

Oyster Saloon Hours
Fri, Sat, Sun: 12:00 - 5:30
Closed Mon-Thurs

Farm Store

In the 1960s, when we opened our farm store, our only employee was a lady named Myrtle, who spent a good amount of time on her cb radio making chitchat with people driving by on the highway. Her handle was “Hama Hama Oyster Mama.”

Our store has grown quite a bit since those days and we’ve ditched the CB’s, but the overall vision remains unchanged: sell great local stuff and be a resource for people who want to learn a little.

In addition to fresh oysters and clams, we sell house-smoked oysters and salmon, live and cooked crab (when available), fresh salmon, and locally produced ice cream, cheeses, grass-fed beef, chocolate, and other treats.

We love getting orders ahead of time, so if you' know you're headed up here, call ahead to see what's fresh and have us set it aside for you.

"An incredible blend of scenery and food."

– Knute Berger, Seattle Magazine, April 2014

Oyster Saloon

back in the day when people came to our farm looking to eat raw oysters, we’d tell them their best option was to buy oysters and go shuck themselves. At the time, most restaurants on Hood Canal didn’t serve oysters on the half shell.

Since Hood Canal is one of the nation’s great oyster producing regions, this was clearly an untenable situation. Enter the Oyster Saloon, which we built in 2014. Our goal was to create something to showcase oysters and our community… we wanted wood smoke, fresh oysters, cold beer, and a salty breeze. We used gravel from our own quarry, built a fence out of oyster shell, and constructed eating huts out of home-grown lumber, outfitting them with window frames from a 1920s-era logger’s bathhouse.

The Saloon is rustic and outdoor, so bring your coat, and come experience oysters in the elements. In the winter you can watch storms blow down the canal and listen to sea lions bark in the estuary. In the summer, the saloon offers an excellent view of the tide rolling off the oyster beds.

Our limited, oyster-focused menu changes with the seasons. Kids are welcome, but not your picnic basket. If you're coming up with a big group (more than 5 people) we'd love it if you called to give us a heads up.

We’re not a late night joint, so make your evening plans accordingly.