Shucked Oysters by the Pint

yearling, xsm, sm, med

$ 17.50

Shucked oysters are cheaper to ship and easier to access. If you know you're going to cook ‘em, there's no reason to go through the trouble of shucking yourself. Enjoy them fried, stewed, baked, wrapped in bacon, stuffed into french bread, or in a casserole.

(If you're planning on eating oysters raw, we highly recommend buying live oysters and shucking them yourself).

Yearling are the smallest size we shuck, and are only available in pint jars. If you're buying more than 2 pints of the other sizes (xsm, sm, or medium), consider bumping on up to a half gallon.

Oyster count per pint is as follows:

  • Yearling 32 - 36
  • Extra Small 18 - 20
  • Small 12 - 15
  • Medium 8 - 12.

Get the backstory on these oysters with this amazing video we made.

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Remember that consuming raw oysters increases the risk of foodborne illness.

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