Jun 14, 2010: Lilliwaup Oyster Shack

Posted by Adam James on December 05, 2014 4 Comments
Our tour of Hood Canal oyster shacks continues with a stop in downtown Lilliwaup. According to John, who grew up in Lilliwaup proper and now shucks oysters for Hama Hama, when this shed was in use back in the 50s and 60s oyster farmers used to anchor big barges full of oysters out front for processing. Now there's not a whole lot going on in Lilliwaup bay, and the shellfish beds in the bay itself aren't farmed anymore because of pollution from a failing septic system upstream. lilliwaup lili lillibay

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Posted by bruce on December 05, 2014

What a nice little inlet. Sad that it is polluted. Is there nothing to be done about failing septic system?

Posted by Oyster Fan on December 05, 2014

good thing we have readers to fact check for us!

Posted by RK on December 05, 2014

You should at least make a minimal effort to get your facts straight. Public records are readily available. The bay was closed for shellfish harvest in 1998 due to elevated levels of bacteria in the marine water. This was due primarily to one abnormally high sampling that skewed the average. More recent sampling shows bacteria is well under the allowable maximums. There are no failed septic systems identified contrary to your statement. The bay was reopened to shellfish harvest in April 2007.

Posted by Oyster Fan on December 05, 2014

There’s lots to be done about a failing septic, but only if the landowner wants to (or tries to remodel/upgrade their home, in which case the county would also require a septic upgrade).

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