Purple Savory Clams

3 or 5 pound bags

$ 23.95

Also known as varnish, mahogany, or just plain old “purple clams,” these clams are gorgeous, plump, and juicy. They are delicious raw, if you’re into that kind of thing, with a full body and sweet, celery-ish salty flavor. If you prefer your clams cooked, keep in mind that savory clams flash open when exposed to heat…  just keep on cooking if you like clams well done.

Unless you find an albino clam, expect dramatic purple shells. Also be prepared for the occasional tiny (and delicious) pea crab.

These 3 pound bags serve 2 to 3 people as a main dish or 4 to 6 people as an appetizer. For more clam handling tips, visit our FAQ page. Find recipes here.

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Remember that consuming raw shellfish increases the risk of foodborne illness.

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