The Essential Oyster

By Rowan Jacobsen

$ 35.00

The Essential Oyster revisits the American oyster scene a decade or so after the publication of Jacobsen's James Beard Award-winning Geography of Oysters. This new book is beautiful, in words and images, and is a definite must-have for any serious oyster lover. (This is a very subdued description of an oyster book we absolutely love because it's beautifully put together by talented people who love food and farmers, and written by the best oyster poet / wordsmith currently putting pen to paper. We highly recommend it!)

This price includes ground shipping. The book should arrive 3 to 5 days after you order it. If you're adding the book to a box of oysters, it'll travel with the shells. Please read our order guidelines for info on returns and exchanges.

Map and Directions

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