Oysters - Shucked Oysters: Half Gallon
Oysters - Shucked Oysters: Half Gallon
Oysters - Shucked Oysters: Half Gallon
Oysters - Shucked Oysters: Half Gallon
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Shucked Oysters: Half Gallon

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Shucked oysters are cheaper to ship and easier to access. If you know you're going to cook ‘em, there's no reason to go through the trouble of shucking yourself. Enjoy them fried, stewed, baked, wrapped in bacon, stuffed into french bread, or in a casserole.

Extra smalls are typically our most popular size, but Emeril Lagasse prefers the bigger oysters. Check out this video of Emeril and Martha preparing a fried Hama Hama oyster salad with buttermilk dressing.

“We’re actually not using oysters from Louisiana today, we’re using oysters from the Pacific, from Washington State… just because when we tasted these… they’re called Hama Hama… and when we tasted these […] They smell like the sea; they smell like salt… they’re briny, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for.”  -Emeril Lagasse

Also check out the video we made (warning: slightly lower production value) of how we produce shucked oysters.

How many come in a container? Counts per half gallon are as follows:

  • Extra Small 72 to 90
  • Small 48 to 60
  • Medium 32 to 44

If you're worried about having too many, remember you can always fry them (in which case they'll all get gobbled up right away) or you can freeze them (check our FAQ page for more info about that).

Looking for yearling? We don't pack them into half gallons, so order pints instead!

You can specify desired delivery date during checkout... please read our order guidelines for more info.

Remember that consuming raw oysters increases the risk of foodborne illness.

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