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Hama Hama Oysters grow the old fashioned way, directly on the gravel where our namesake river flows out of the Olympic Mountains and into Hood Canal. Exposed twice a day by the outgoing tide, they're slow-growing, beach-hardened, and known for a clean, crisp flavor with a sweet finish that evokes melon rind or cucumber. Highly seasonal, fresh Hama Hama oysters tend to be sweeter in the spring and brinier in the fall and winter.

These are extra small Hama Hamas, with a shell length of 2.75" +/- .25." Please call to place an order for the larger sizes.

“It’s a frontier oyster, its gnarly, gray-green shell mirroring the misty fir forests that shroud the river all the way down to Hood Canal.” Rowan Jacobsen, Culture + Travel

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Remember that consuming raw oysters increases the chance of foodborne illness.

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