Fed by Firs Tee

Hama Hama Company

$ 25.00

Every once in a while we like to make a shirt that takes us back to our roots. Or, in this case, our branches. "Fed by Firs," the latest version of the Hama Hama tree shirt, is a reminder that oysters don't just eat planktonic algae, they also consume tiny bits of organic material. Their nutrition doesn't just come from the ocean, but also from the terrestrial system upstream.

Of course, you don't have to dork out quite so hard... at heart, this is just a cool PNW-inspired shirt.

Available in three colors: oatmeal, purple, and forest green.

We'll ship this out via FedEx ground (typically takes 3 to 4 days) unless you're adding it to a box of oysters (or something perishable), and in that case it'll travel in the box. Please read our order guidelines for info on returns and exchanges.

Map and Directions

map graphic of the Puget Sound. View in Google Maps