Recipes — Oysters

Curried Oyster Stew

oysters shucked oysters stew

A yummy alternative to traditional oyster stew.

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Serving Raw Oysters

easy oysters tips

With super-fresh Pacific oysters, less is always more when it comes to condiments. But here are a few (very basic) tips for raw oyster toppings.

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Fried Oysters

easy fried oysters oysters shucked oysters

Only the best fried oysters you'll ever have (as well as being the easiest dinner you'll prepare all week). 

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Your Grandma's Oyster Casserole

casserole easy oysters shucked oysters

A delicious, classic and hilariously simple recipe that doesn't even pretend to be modern.


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Oyster Casserole

bacon casserole oysters shucked oysters

A satisfying, savory dish with oysters, bacon, shallots, cream, butter, and all sorts of other delicious things. This is the eye opening kind of dish that, when we make it at cooking classes, inspires the students to say they never knew cooked oysters could taste so good. To that we say: stick around, lots to see here. Enjoy!

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