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Apr 18, 2013: (Almost) Everything you ever wanted to know about tumbled oysters.

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What the heck is a tumble farm? We're happy you asked, and here's a longer answer than you need!


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Apr 11, 2013: Professional Oyster Pickers Development Day

Tideflat Critters


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Shucking Instructions


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Mar 14, 2013: Seaweed Farming

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... accidentally! We've had a few daylight low tides so far this year, and once the sunlight hits the flats the algae starts growing like crazy on our clam nets. Seaweed is algae. And, just in case you might need it, here's an idiot's guide to algae: there's microalgae, which is the kind that oysters eat, and macroalgae, which is the kind that we eat, like kelp, nori, etc. All seaweeds are edible in the sense that they're not toxic, but some are more delicious and digestible than others. Check out this guide to edible seaweed of the Pacific Northwest....

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Feb 26, 2013: Evening Magazine at the Oyster Farm

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Sea Plane dwarfs the oyster barge! This morning pilot Chuck and his trusty steed "Maggie" (the Kenmore Air / Evening Magazine sea plane) landed on the oyster farm... successfully dodging buoys, tumble bags, and our barge. It was quite exciting. Meeghan Black, the host of Evening Magazine, and her camera man / partner in crime Howard, together with a pack of attendant oyster lovers, arrived at 9 just as the tide started dropping. Fortunately they're an efficient bunch, and they got right to work filming on the barge before heading up on shore for some retail store/shucking room action. We...

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