Oystergram FAQ

Q: What is this?

A thoughtful gift! It lets you give oysters to someone without worrying about practical concerns such as, will they be home to receive them? are they about to go on vacation?

Q: Can you walk me through it?

When you buy this package, we'll send a gift box to whatever address you enter at checkout. Whoever gets the gift box (the "gram") will then contact us to arrange oyster delivery. So if you buy a gram for your cousin Joe, first we'll ship Joe a gift box, then Joe will call us up, tell us when he wants the oysters, and we'll ship the oysters to him.

Q: What's up with the the December ship date?

Every holiday season we choose a specific day to ship out the grams. They'll arrive at your designated shipping addresses within 3 to 5 days of the ship date. If you want the gift box to ship on a different day, please let us know by emailing sales@hamahamaoysters.com.

If you're ordering a gram and there's no specific ship date (basically any time of year other than the Christmas season), then we'll ship the grams out as soon as we receive your order. 

Q: When do the oysters come?

After your recipient gets the gram, they’ll need to get in touch with us so that we can schedule the oyster delivery.

Q: Can I send them to everyone I know?

Yes, but please give us a call to purchase more than one gram at a time

Q: 2 dz or 4 dz?

If you’re sending to a group, then go big! Grandma living alone may just be able to handle two...not our Grandma, of course. She wants four.

Q: Do all the oysters have to ship at the same time?


Q: If I want the gram and the oysters on the same day, is that possible?

Yes; however, for this, please let us know early and give us as much notice as possible.

Q: Can that day be Christmas Eve?

Technically, yes - but with FedEx holiday shipping volumes, you’ll want anything we ship to arrive with enough time to not be affected by potential weather or volume delays. Oyster grams aren’t perishable, so they can arrive anytime before the holidays! Oysters are perishable, but are just fine in the fridge if they arrive a few days before you eat them.

Q: Do these expire?

Nope! Although we will encourage your recipient to choose a delivery date during oyster season (and not in mid-August).

Q: You guys are the best!

That’s not really a question, but thanks! You are too!

Q: Can I make substitutions?

Nope, not at this time. Sorry!

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