Nov 18, 2011: Our Farthest Flung Correspondent

Posted by Adam James on December 05, 2014 1 Comment

Last week Hama Hama got re-energized by a visit from Brother Tom, who has been studying forestry in  Mongolia and is pretty much an awesome human being. Despite his surprising affinity for sundried horse yogurt, Tom can't quite stomach the though of industrially-produced meat, so he came back home for elk season to provide for himself and the rest of the family, keeping us all in elk burgers for another year. (If we're nice). Prepared to spend two weeks on the hunt, he instead shot an elk opening morning, and put one of the graybeards to work packing it out of a ravine. Those are elk antlers on his back.

Tom then proceeded to do all sorts of hardcore Lilliwaup activities, such as log with the menfolk:

... and hike in the Olympics:

...before loading up two duffel bags of frozen elk meat to take back East, where he's getting himself Doctored. If you are likewise frightened of mass produced meat, you can take advantage of a special offer we have in our online store. (And that might be the slickest line this blog has ever contained!) We're not selling wild elk, but we are offering frozen grass fed ground beef raised by the Short family in Chimacum, Washington. It makes for a really tasty burger. Check out the Northwest Surf n' Turf, featuring oysters, ground beef, and Dungeness crab, along with our other Holiday packages, in our online store.

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Posted by Oyster Fan Fan on December 05, 2014

If you could source some venison, you could pair it with a pint of extra smalls in a Holiday Gift Pack, and call it a ‘shuck and buck’ combo…I think it’d go over big.

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