Jul 14, 2010: They know our weak spot.

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It really pays to do business with girl scouts.


We love cookies. Last week a group of girls from Camp Robbinswold came down to tour the oyster farm and exclaim over the geoduck. This week we received the thank you card and box of Samoa cookies. Robbinswold is a beautiful, 400+ acre camp north of us on the Canal that is named after our matriarch Helena Robbins. Helena and her husband Harry (then president of Hama Hama) helped create the camp in the 1920s when they arranged for the company to sell the land to the Scouts and then funded the sale themselves. (At that point they weren't the sole owners of Hama Hama, so they couldn't just donate the land directly.) It's a beautifully & wonderfully maintained property and girls have a ton of fun while at camp. One of the Robbinswold lodges: 

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