Jan 28, 2010: Cougar Nights

Posted by Adam James on December 05, 2014 4 Comments

The other morning two of the graybeards were driving to work in the woods above the oyster farm when they noticed a dead deer lying in the ditch beside the road. The deer's body was still warm, and it had two deep puncture wounds in either side of its neck that were bleeding profusely. And since vampires don't actually live on the Olympic Peninsula, their best guess was that it was a cougar kill. So they called Jim, who set a motion-activated camera up on the deer carcass. Here are some of his photos: cougar1

Cougar with carcass, 5:11 pm. The best argument against a nighttime jog we've ever heard. cougar2

We don't know a whole lot about cougars, but doesn't this one look a little skinny? 5:15 pm. cougar3

Where's Waldo? Hopefully not in the photo with this wily cougar. 7:49 pm. curious

Curious cat, 1:18 AM the next morning.


Jim's approach prompted the camera to take this photo of the scene in daylight the morning of the 24th. good

About 11 pm on the 25th. The cougar had dragged the carcass to a new location. coyote

When the cat's away, the coyotes come out to play.

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Posted by Bruce on December 05, 2014

Wow….nothing to mess around with. A neighbor behind us on the canal went out to his car about 6 pm one evening…2 cougar in his driveway. We have captured deer, bunnies, a coyote and our cat & dog on our hunting cam, but no cougar. He does look a little lean and mean…the coyote we photoed looked like it had not missed many meals!

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Posted by Oyster Fan on December 05, 2014

We’ve always known there are cougars in the backyard, but we rarely see them, and it would certainly be nicer to think that we live next to fat, happy and contented cougars instead of skinny, starving ones….

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