Nov 30, 2009: Deer Adventures

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A couple of weeks ago Adam looked out his window and was surprised to see a buck swimming up the Canal. It happened to be the first day of hunting season, which might explain why the deer took to the salt water.


The deer got out of the water near the oyster farm, only to be chased right back into the Canal by a wayward Area Dog, seen below reclining with squash:


And then we got worried that the exhausted deer would drown, so Nathan and Roberto took off in the little yellow boat to steer it towards shore. Eventually they got it back to shore, and it ran safely across the highway and up into the woods. In an unrelated Area Dog story: we did make London Lennie's oyster stuffing recipe, and we all thought that it was delicious but that it would have been even more delicious with bacon (or if it had actually been baked inside the turkey). However, like many seafood dishes, it wasn't very tasty as a leftover. So we tried to feed it to Area Dog, who's a notorious oyster hound. But the dog wouldn't touch it. Maybe it was the celery?

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