Sep 15, 2009: How to Clean a Geoduck

Posted by Adam James on December 05, 2014 1 Comment

Should you find yourself with a fresh geoduck on your hands, here's what to do. jim

1. Cut the geoduck out of its shell.


Be sure that you get all the tender meat off of the inside of the shell.step1b

2. Remove shell and the guts. Notice the large round thing in the photo below? That's the geoduck's stomach, and if it doesn't turn your stomach, you can add it to chowder or soup. At this point, you may make several interesting discoveries in the pile of geoduck guts, such as a skinny, translucent worm-like thing or a miniature, moving crab. Ignore them and move on to step 3.


3. Pour hot water over the geoduck, focusing on areas covered in skin. Another way to do this is to submerge the geoduck in hot water

. steam

4. After blanching the geoduck, the skin should peel off. Like nylon. You may need to pour more hot water over the sticky spots.


5. Everything that remains is edible. We'll tell you how to actually prepare the geoduck in a later post.

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Posted by harriett r vick on December 05, 2014

Whe will you have geoducks - we have been trying to find most of what you have listed for our -ALL THINGS FROM THE OCEAN HAVE VALUE - on our beach here at the Isle OF PALMS —south carolina

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