July 16, 2009: A flock of geoduck

Posted by Adam James on December 05, 2014 1 Comment


A couple of weeks ago we harvested a boatload of geoduck. They took over the retail live tank and proceeded to squirt salt water all over the store, completely trashing the place. Dorothy, Ona, and Beth came by when the geoduck were in town, and were quite impressed by the giant bivalves. The three ladies spent a considerable amount of time trying to photograph a geoduck mid-squirt, and then posed for a photograph: threeladies

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Posted by Bruce on December 05, 2014

My daughter and son in law from Michigan were at Frenchman’s Cove for 10 days….we spent 2 hours walking last Sunday’s low tide poking sticks at geoducks. Contest to see who got biggest squirt!

And they are vegetarians so I had the bbq’ed oysters off the beach all to myself……………heaven!

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