May 29, 2009: Any Publicity = Good Publicity (?)

Posted by Adam James on December 05, 2014 2 Comments
First of all: people who know that they don't like oysters shouldn't be surprised that when they eat an oyster, they don't like it. Second of all: oysters wrapped in bacon don't taste like bacon, they taste like oysters wrapped in bacon. And we might add that bacon-wrapped oysters are a deliciously rich and smokey surf-and-turf; they're umami incarnate. That said, yesterday we got all bent out of shape by this article in a local paper. Adam's reaction was to call it "a bunch of steamy green cow pucky." Oyster Fan wanted to tell the guy to go shuck it. But now we think it's funny.

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Posted by robbins on December 05, 2014

cute title to your comment on the article-

Posted by Bruce on December 05, 2014

Wyoming…..’nuff said.

I grew up in the Pacific NW and eating the very freshest salmon, oysters, clams, cutthroat trout, cod, crab et. al. was the norm. I was pretty picky if said fish-shellfish had been out of the salt water more than 36 hours. Then I moved to Kansas City after graduating college. I cannot tell you how many people I met that said they “don’t like fish.” Well, after tasting fish in even some of the best midwest restaurants, I can see what they mean. I did not like it either! Anything coming from either coast was just plain not fresh. It is great to be back where even a trip to the Pike Place Market is not too far a jaunt for fresh salmon and halibut.

Some folks just need to stick with hamburger.

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