Jan 15, 2009: Lilliwaup's Most Adventurous Native Son

Posted by Adam James on December 05, 2014 1 Comment

...is headed back to Mongolia for a  full year! Tom will be conducting forestry research on a Fulbright grant, navigating his way past treacherous bogs in the permafrost, and cultivating his taste for fermented mare's milk. Here are some pictures from his last go-round:

tomonhorse1 fire1 ger1 pothole1

If anyone happens to find themselves in Ulaanbaatar, say hi to the guy in the green coat! greencoat

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Posted by Our Farthest Flung Correspondent on December 05, 2014

[…] week Hama Hama got re-energized by a visit from Brother Tom, who has been studying forestry in  Mongolia and is pretty much an awesome human […]

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