May 19, 2008: Emeril and Martha cooking with Hama Hama

Posted by Adam James on December 05, 2014 1 Comment

On Thursday, May 1st, the Martha Stewart Show featured guest chef Emeril Lagasse, who cooked up a fried oyster salad using Hama Hama oysters.

Watch the show, get the recipe.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the show:

"We're actually not using oysters from Louisiana today, we're using oysters from the Pacific, from Washington State... just because when we tasted these—they're called Hama Hama—and when we tasted these..." -Emeril

"Look how plump" -Emeril

"Oh so gorgeous!" -Martha

"Look how beautiful they look" -Emeril

"Oh my gosh" -Martha

"They smell like the sea; they smell like salt... they're briny, and that's exactly what you're looking for" -Emeril

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Posted by Gourmet Food on December 05, 2014

thanks for that

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