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Think you've got what it takes to work on an oyster farm? Prove your stuff at the Oyster Rama's Shuckathalon... the world's only intertidal oyster sports competition! (We think.)

The Shuckathalon is a relay race, so you've got to rope your friends into joining your team. There are 4 heats: cluster picking, clam digging, single picking, and shucking. You'll be judged on how quickly you get through the race as well as how good a job you do.

Teams can have as few as 2 people on them and as many as 5. No matter how many people actually compete, buying this team entry package includes event entrance for up to 5 people (you and four of your friends), a $75 value.

The race starts at 1 pm on the day of the Rama, and there will be a safety briefing and orientation at 12:30. This is a pretty physical event... it involves running over uneven surfaces, bending, digging, and lifting a bushel basket of oysters. Teams should be sure to wear knee boots and bring gardening-type gloves. Also, you gotta choose a team name. (Good shucking luck with that one!)

Buy this package and we'll be in touch with more information about the Shuckathalon a week or so prior to the event.

(The Rama is a fundraiser for various Hood Canal charities.)

Map and Directions

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