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We can wax poetic about oyster flavor all we like, but to really understand it, some sampling is required.

This Washington oyster sampler includes one (1) dozen each of Hama Hama, Blue Pool, and Sea Cow extra small oysters. This package lets you compare 3 types of Pacific oyster, exploring nuances of flavor created by differences in growing location and method.

Hama Hamas and Blue Pools are both grown in the same merroir on our Hood Canal farm. While they both exhibit the clean, crisp flavors we’re known for, the different growing methods create very different textures and tastes. Sea Cow oysters are also grown in tumble bags, but they're grown by a couple of small family-run operations in South Puget Sound, a region famous for delicious, full-flavored oysters. Their sweet, strongly mineral taste is a great example of how small differences in geography can have a big impact on flavor.

The sampler is a great introduction to Washington oysters, and makes a great gift for any bivalve aficionado. If you're giving a gift, you might consider adding an oyster knife, just because having the right tool for the job is the first step towards success.

Shucking Instructions Included. 

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Remember that consuming raw oysters increases the risk of foodborne illness.

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